Thursday Mar 14, 2024 with Speaker Dr. Xuejun Sheldon Xie.

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Talk Abstract:
In a transformative presentation, Dr. Xuejun Xie, founder and CEO of PhantaField, will showcase the company's pioneering development of a low-temperature Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) system for 2D semiconductors. This technological leap forward enables scalable production and opens a myriad of applications for 2D materials, challenging conventional silicon-based technologies.

Dr. Xie will delve into how 2D semiconductors are set to enhance computing capabilities, spotlighting their role in advancing to the 1nm node and improving GPUs and CPUs. He will discuss the creation of monolithic 3D architectures for SRAM and DRAM, offering denser, faster memory solutions, and detail their pivotal role in AR display, quantum computing, MEMS, and photonics for more integrated systems.

The talk will also highlight the impact of 2D semiconductors in biosensors, offering revolutionary healthcare diagnostics, and their application in aerospace for extended mission durations. Furthermore, Dr. Xie will briefly cover their use in image sensors and power electronics.
Join Dr. Xie for an insightful journey into the future, where PhantaField's 2D semiconductor innovations are laying the groundwork for a new era of technological breakthroughs across various industries.

Speaker bio:
Dr. Xuejun Xie, a UC Santa Barbara Ph.D., founded PhantaField, guided and invested by Chenming Hu, TSMC's former CTO and FinFET inventor. Their 2D semiconductor technology aims to vastly expand GPU memory and cache speeds, pushing Moore's law beyond the 1nm node.