Introduction to the Chinese Institute of Engineers in America The Chinese Institute of Engineers in America (CIE-USA) is a non-profit professional organization composed of Chinese-American engineers, scientists and other experts. The purpose of the Chinese Institute of Engineers in America is to promote the development of science, engineering and technology in various parts of the United States, and to support Chinese Americans to become authoritative professional scholars at the national level. 
The Institute is the oldest, most reputable and most influential non-profit, non-political Chinese scholar civil society in North America, with a long history. 
The Chinese Institute of Engineers in America was founded on December 25, 1917 at Cornell University by more than 20 capable, visionary and creative scholars and engineers who studied in the United States. Later, it moved to New York. Early leaders included railway engineers Zhan Tianyou and Ling Hongxun. Currently, there are seven branches in the United States, including New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, New Mexico, Los Angeles, and the Environmental Protection Association. 
There is a national headquarters, and representatives from each branch are selected to form the general council. The Chinese Institute of Engineers covers engineering fields such as civil, electrical, computer, information technology, machinery, chemistry, environment, biomedicine, and renewable energy. There are more than 10,000 members in the United States, including experts and scholars in various fields, covering the engineering community, academia and research institutions, and making great contributions to American engineering technology. Introduction to important activities of the American Chinese Engineers Society In the United States, through cooperation with the National Engineers Week Committee of the United States, the American Chinese Engineers Society holds the annual "Outstanding Asian Engineer Award" to honor outstanding Asian American engineers. Participants in the meeting are leaders and engineers from major American companies and political celebrities. It is the most watched Asian engineering community activity. 
Internationally, the American Chinese Engineers Society has organized a "Modern Engineering Technology Seminar" in Taiwan every two years since 1966. The society organizes relevant experts to go to Taiwan to provide consultation and propose solutions to the direction of industrial development and technological innovation through seminars. The seminar has played a very important role in the industrial technology progress, economic transformation and the establishment and development of Taiwan's Hsinchu High-tech Park. In 1992, the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of China signed a cooperation agreement with the American Chinese Engineers Society in the name of the China International Talent Exchange Association. According to the agreement, since 1993, the two sides have held an engineering and technical seminar in China every two years, aiming to provide a platform for Chinese and American engineering and technical personnel to conduct technical exchanges and solve technical problems faced by Chinese companies.