On behalf of Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association (CASPA), we are pleased and honored to invite you to the CASPA 2022 Annual Conference and Dinner Banquet that will take place online for the technical discussion session followed by a dinner banquet at Santa Clara Convention Center on Saturday Oct. 15, 2022. It is a privilege to have you with us at the most important occasion of CASPA in a year.

CASPA 2022 Annual Conference will be virtual in the afternoon, and the theme is: COMPUTING, CONNECTIVITY & STORAGE -- A DEEP DIVE OF TECH TRENDS, and many industry experts from AMD, Western Digital, Samba Nova, etc. will share their perspectives on latest technology trends. You can find the registration link at https://caspa-2022-ac.eventbrite.com. The Dinner Banquet in the Convention Center will kick off at 5:15pm with Registration and Networking followed by CASPA 2022-2023 Leadership Transition. It is our great pleasure to have the CEO of ARM, Mr. Rene Haas, give us a keynote speech in this event. We expect that about 400 people will join us in the Dinner Banquet. The registration link can be found at: https://2022CASPA-DB.eventbrite.com.

CASPA is a non-profit professional organization among semiconductor professionals across the US and the Asia Pacific. With the mission of building a platform benefiting our individual members and corporate sponsors, CASPA is dedicated to promoting technology advancement, career development, and business collaboration. CASPA was founded in 1991 in Silicon Valley, currently has 12 regional chapters, over 8000 individual members, and 70 corporate sponsors.  Our 2021 Annual Conference was well received by over 800 attendees in learning about the recent innovations in the semiconductor industry.