Presentation: 5G – Perfect Collision of Mobile Communication and SDN
Interview: Personal Story – A Journey from Musician to Tech Executive

Date And Time

Sat, December 5, 2020

5:00 PM – 6:30 PM PST

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About this Event

AAEOY Speaker Series

AAEOY (Asian American Engineer of the Year) is an annual recognition event on the national platform to honor the most distinguished Asian American professionals with their leadership, technical achievements and remarkable public services. 2020-2021 AAEOY is hosted by CIE/USA San Francisco Bay Area chapter.

AAEOY was first introduced in 2002, with a total 304 awardees to date. The awardees have served as role models and sources of inspiration for the STEM community. Past awardees included Nobel Laureates, academic scholars, key corporate executives, and an astronaut!

AAEOY Speaker Series invites past awardees to share their technical outlook and personal journey, with a presentation and an interview in each event. This year’s theme is “Improving Life - Beyond Smart Technology, Towards a Smart Society”.


  • Presentation: 5G – Perfect Collision of Mobile Communication and SDN
  • Interview: Personal Story – A Journey from Musician to Technology Executive
  • Q &A

Speaker: David Lu, Vice President, Network Systems & Automation, AT&T Labs, 2017 Asian American Engineer of the Year awardee


Presentation Abstract:

We live in a world where accelerated innovation is changing the industry landscape and our lives at an unprecedented pace. Renewable energy, next generation semiconductors, AI/ML analytics, driverless cars, automated homes, the list seems to be endless –rapid advancements in the software driven space will continue to have a profound impact on the global community for years to come.

This talk will explore the evolution of technology, from the agricultural revolution to the digital age focusing on the collision of hardware and software innovations, yielding game changing outcomes and opportunities in emerging technologies such as 5G. We will look at how software defined networking (SDN) is enabling the development and deployment of 5G mobile communication capabilities and examine key enterprise use cases that could take advantage of 5G characteristics and features. Finally, the talk will provide a glimpse of early 6G research work that is already unfolding before us.

Introduction of the Speaker David Lu

David Lu currently leads a global team of more than 2,500 people responsible for the architecture, development and engineering of AT&T’s next generation SDN (Software Defined Network) automation platform and open source (Linux Foundation ONAP) enabling AT&T’s network virtualization and target network systems transformation including APIs, micro-services, policy control & orchestration, hyper-automation and advanced data analytics.

David is a well-respected leader in large scale, real time software architecture and development, network performance and traffic management, work flow and policy-controlled automation, large databases and big data implementation/mining/analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, software reliability and quality, and network operations process engineering. He has led major software platform transformation initiatives from sales to network, service delivery/assurance and billing platforms. Examples of his achievements include large scale platforms he has led and engineered that process annually: 984 Trillion network performance events and 348 Billion alarms with 99.99%+ automation; 60 Million dispatches with 14.4 Billion automated manual steps; and over 90 Billion API transactions.

Since joining AT&T Bell Labs in 1987, David has served in various leadership positions at AT&T. He has led numerous automation initiatives in AT&T that resulted in multibillion-dollar savings over the past 20 years and won AT&T’s CIO 100 Award in 2010. David holds 48 patents and frequently appears as a guest speaker at technical and leadership seminars and conferences throughout the world. He has received numerous industry awards including the 2015 Chairman’s Award from IEEE Communication Society for Network and Systems Quality and Reliability and 2017 CIE AAEOY (Asian American Engineer of Year) Award. David is very active in community organizations and activities including AT&T InspirAsian, AT&T OASIS, AT&T Women of Technology, DFW-CIE and DFW Asian American Chamber of Commerce. He was recognized by AT&T InspirAsian with the 2015 Corporate Leadership Award. David is an acclaimed cellist, passionate about technology and mentoring and a very proud husband and father.