Afternoon Session, 1:00~5:00

Session Opening Remarks Simon Ma, Session Chair PDF,Video
Free to Make: How Making Can Change Your Mind Dale Dougherty, Founder and Executive Chairman of Maker Media Inc. PDF,Video
From Maker to Manufacturer Zach Supalla, Founder and CEO of Particle ,Video
Building Future Maker Space for K-12 Schools Weixun Cao, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of BitLab PDF,Video
The Evolution of 3D Printing: How Designers of Today Utilize 3D Printing Beyond Simple Prototypes Mario Madrigal, Director of ProtoCafe PDF,Video
Making it Big with Something Small Steven Si, Technical Director of MediaTek Labs PDF,Video
IOT at Home - Maker Application Arnie Chencinski, Maker PDF,Video
My experience on making things with Arduino Wen Chu, Maker PDFVideo



 Dinner Banquet, 6:00~9:30    
In remember of Mr. Yue-Chyou Yang   PDFVideo
Keynote speech - "My Encounter with Innovation" Prof. Chenming Hu (胡正明教授), Recipient of National Medal of Technology and Innovation PDFVideo
Silicon Valley Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Dr. Leslie Bai (柏立洲), CEO of SIEMIC Video
Technology and Humanity Award Dr. Han-Ping Chen (陳漢平博士) Video
Entertainment   Video