We are makers! The Chinese Institute of Engineers-SF/USA (CIE-SF/USA) invites you to join our 2016 Annual Conference on Saturday, February 27th, at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View.  The 2016 CIE-SF/USA Annual Conference consists of technical seminar sessions in the afternoon and a dinner banquet with a keynote speech in the evening. The afternoon session is free but registration is required.

We have a very strong speaker lineup this year. There are seven speakers in the afternoon and five of them have been a founder or co-founder of a company. There are three CEOs and one executive chairman. Their talks cover 3D printing, bringing prototypes to products, STEM and maker programs in China, and sharing their experiences as makers. The founder of Maker Faire, Dale Dougherty, will provide an introduction to the maker movement.



Date & Time:      Sat., Feb. 27 (Afternoon Session 1:00 PM ~ 5:00pm) (Dinner Banquet 6:00pm)

Venue:                 Computer History Museum, 1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View

Afternoon session is free http://www.conference.cie-sf.org/index.php/speakers

 Our first speaker is Mr. Dale Dougherty, founder and executive chairman of Maker Media Inc. If you do not know Maker Media, you may have joined or heard about the Maker Faire which Mr. Dougherty created 11 years ago. It is amazing to see how the Maker Faire became a worldwide event in such a short time.
Zach Supalla is the founder and CEO of Particle. He will share with us how a maker can bring a prototype to manufacture. Particle is a startup company in San Francisco focusing on providing connection solutions for IoT applications.

Dr. Weixun Cao, the founder and CEO of BitLab, has built more than 200 maker classrooms in China. He will introduce the STEM programs in China and the maker movement there.  He will illustrate that a “maker education” is an important supplement to traditional education because it helps children learn to create and connect with the real world.

Sandra Madrigal is the founder and CEO of ProtoCafe. She is a Stanford graduate and began her career as an engineer. She began to provide professional 3D printing services 15 years ago. She will present and compare current 3D printing technologies.

Steven Si is a technical director at MediaTek Labs, one of the leading providers of semiconductor solutions for IoT and wearable devices. MediaTek Labs also supports the maker movement with products and resources. Steven will present applications created by makers.

Arnie Chencinski and Wen Chu will share their maker experiences in the afternoon session. Arnie Chencinski will present how he connected all devices of his home to the Internet and created a smart home. Wen Chu will present how he used low-cost microcontrollers to create several interesting gadgets, including one that can measure air quality (PM2.5). Both will provide all details of the parts that they used.  This afternoon event is free of charge. All you need to do is to register online before all the seats are taken.

The keynote speaker of the dinner banquet is Professor Chenming Hu from UC Berkeley who just received the National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Obama. The topic of his presentation will be “My Encounters in Innovation.” Professor Hu was former chief technology officer of TSMC and is best known for his contribution to IC reliability, the BSIM SPICE model, and the FinFET transistor. The ICs designed based on the BSIM model are worth more than several billion U.S. dollars.

<< The Chinese Institute of Engineers – USA (CIE-USA), founded in 1917 in New York, is one of the oldest Chinese-American engineer associations in the U.S. The CIE-USA’s mission is to promote technological advancement, networking, and communication among engineers and scientists. >>