Leadership in Management in the Age of AI. (Alliance)

Board to Board Interview with John Chen, VP of Technology and Foundry Management, NVIDIA:

Title: Leadership in Management in the Age of AI

Interviewer: Peter Chu, Ex-Chairman (2011-2013), Monte Jade West

Saturday, August 28, 2021
10:00AM PST

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Technology innovation and leadership, scalability, quality, and focus are core competencies valued by leading tech firms around the globe. In the cyclical segment of semiconductors, two companies have stood out over their peers: TSMC and NVIDIA. While TSMC focuses on pushing the limits of physics and geometry without compromising on perfecting the manufacturing process to supply more than 50% of the world’s semiconductors, NVIDIA has again and again broadened its addressable semiconductor applications segments from gaming to AI enable solutions in automotive, data centers and pro graphics.

Dr. John Chen has the unique experience of working for the founders of NVIDIA and TSMC. He has deep appreciation for the different styles that created the firms’ unique cultures to support the success in their respective technology stacks. Dr. Chen will share his reflections on the different management philosophies that create excellence in manufacturing, product reach, and innovation. Even though in the same industry, NVIDIA and TSMC, have out-competed others in their industry through their unique culture around growth, risk, and people management.

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