CIE 2015 annual conference afternoon technical session

Explore the Future Technologies


Date: 2/7/2015

Time: afternoon, registration begin from 1pm, event begin at 1:45pm

Venue: Double Tree Hotel, San Jose. 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose

Happy New Year!

This free seminar will be held at San Jose Double Tree Hotel in the afternoon of 2/7/2015. You can register through the following link to get more information through e-mail before the event.

Four outstanding speakers will share their innovations and technologies that can potentially revolutionize our future life. These innovations all have generic impacts on multiple disciplines and domains. The speakers also look for opportunities to interact with experts of different fields and technologies.

For example, one speaker will talk about the Gene Chip (Some people called it as DNA microarrays.).. It is a special kind of chip based on semiconductor process technologies. (But it is not an electronic IC.) To read information from a Gene chip, high sensibility optical sensors are used to detect signals, robotic automation is used to better control its operations, and sophisticated statistics and big-data software are used to analyze results. It is a great example of success with multi-fields technologies integration. Gene chip is very useful in healthcare, diagnosing, agriculture, and bio researches.


Do you know 75% of IKEA catalog are created with Ray Tracing Technology?One speaker will present Ray Tracing Technology, creating videos and pictures based on objects' 3D model. People can create remarkable videos and pictures for movies, advertisement materials, and video games. At current stage, Ray Tracing Technology requires multiple computers and extensive software processing. From this year, it will be supported by ICs with effective graphics algorithms and parallel processing. It will become very popular very soon.

One of our speaker will discuss the challenges and roadmaps of Automotive Electronics. Automobile industry has changed a lot: more and more electric cars on the roads, and multiple countries allow driverless car trials on public roads. Do you want to know what new gauges will appear in your next car? Do you want to invent something to be adapted by the automobile industry? You definitely should not miss this exciting presentation.

The fourth speaker will discuss the Cloud Collaboration. Cloud Collaboration is another technology which will definitely change our future. You may already do daily internet conference with your remote team members/customers. You may already have the team workspace in the cloud. Cloud Collaboration is not only for software teams but can apply for hardware teams. And it can be used in many different kind of projects. I believe it will change how we form a team in the future and can change the company structure. Cloud Collaboration is not just for engineers. It will impact all of us. If you are a sales person, you should come to see how to reach customers who cannot be reached before. If you are a professor, you should also come to see how Cloud Collaboration will re-shape educational infra-structure.


More details of the speakers are listed below.

  • Dr. Sunil Pandit, Director of Science at Affymetrix, Inc.

          He will discuss the DNA microarray chip, including DNA tests, applications in healthcare, agriculture, and environmental protection. 

         Title of Talk: DNA Microarrays: Current Technology and Clinical Applications (Video Link)

  • Mr. Luke Peterson, Director of Research & Strategy from Imagination Technologies

          He will talk about the Ray Tracing technology. (Graphic process, Virtual Reality)

         Title of Talk: The Design and Use Cases of a Graphics Processing Unit Designed for Ray Tracing (Video Link)

  • Mr. Michael Hendricks, Product Line Manager, Automotive, Altera Corp

          He will talk the trend of Automobile industry and how it impacts the Automotive Electronics.

         Title of Talk: How Electronics will Drive the Automobile of the Future… and Shape Our Lives (Video Link)

  • Mr. Nick Chong, Head of Product Marketing at Zoom Video Communications

         He will talk about the Cloud Collaboration.

         Title of the talk: The Shift to Software-Defined Communications - Business Voice, Video, & Collaboration on the Cloud. (Video Link)



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