Engineer Career Advancement Talk Series, Part 2

Part two: Business Sense for Engineers (工程師應有的商業直覺)

Date and time

Wed, April 20, 2022

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM PDT


About this event

[Mandarin presentation]

How can business sense help engineer? What is the contribution by marketing and sales?

In his career Dr. Shung have seen many outstanding engineers who had excellent technical skills but with little business sense. They can analyze pros and cons of different product features, and lead the development of a good product. For example, let us say we could propose a good product that is lower cost than the existing products, or another product that is higher performance than the existing products. Both are valuable in a different way. Many engineers often got “stuck” in his/her proposal, and not able to understand the customer’s view. The other common mistake that Dr. Shung observed in many engineers was that they don’t understand the job of marketing and sales, and often subconsciously. gave them too little (or no) credit. In this talk, Dr. Shung would like to explain, as engineers, why we need to understand and learn from the business people

Speaker Biography

Dr. C. Bernard Shung is currently Founder and President of Wolley Inc., working on memory controllers with Compute Express Link (CXL) and Storage Class Memory (SCM). Prior to founding Wolley, he was General Manager, New Business Development at Mediatek Inc., where he was responsible for advising the CEO on new product and technology development in the enterprise segment. Prior to joining Mediatek, Dr. Shung was SVP Engineering, at Link-A-Media Devices Corp (LAMD), which was acquired by SK hynix. In LAMD & SK hynix, he was leading the development of solid state storage solutions for various applications spanning consumer to enterprise markets. Prior to joining LAMD, Dr. Shung was a co-founder and Vice President of Engineering at SiBEAM, Inc., which was acquired by Silicon Image. At SiBEAM, he helped to build the engineering team and developed three generations of wireless baseband products in the 60G Hz band. Prior to co-founding SiBEAM, he was Directory of Engineering at Broadcom, where he was involved with Ethernet switch product development for LAN, WAN and MAN applications. Earlier Dr. Shung worked at IBM Research where he was involved in various technology developments including Storage Area Networks, and storage PRML read channels. Dr. Shung was a Professor and Chairman of the Dept of the Electronics Engineering, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) in Taiwan. Dr. Shung received Outstanding Teaching Award at NCTU and he served in the ISSCC program committee and as a guest editor of IEEE Communications Magazine. Dr. Shung was elected the Chairman of Board and President of the Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE-USA). Dr. Shung has published more than 60 technical papers and held more than 20 US/Taiwan patents. Dr. Shung received his BSEE from National Taiwan University, and MS and Ph.D. degree in EECS from University of California, Berkeley.

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