Career Development Journey From Engineering To Management

Intend to expand your career strategy toolkit?
Unsure about your next step in developing leadership?
Curious about how to jumpstart in a new IT field or role?

Steve has lived and worked in Silicon Valley since 1990. He started out as a materials engineer, riding the IT boom
in personal computers. He quickly moved up the career ladder from first-line, second-line manager to
junior director to executive director until Chief Technologist in 2005 and Vice President
of Seagate Technology, Research & Development in 2006.

In addition to IT technologies, he also has a great interest in leadership, management, and
technology innovation, and has written three books on leadership, management, and technology innovation in Chinese.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Steve Hwang, Former VP of Seagate Technology
Speech Title: 
Career Development Journey from Engineering to Management

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