BME Event: Precision Medical Diagnostics


Precision Medical Diagnostics – A Cross Disciplinary Application of Advanced Optical Sensor, Microfluidic, and Biochemistry

About this Event

A journey into bridges the gap between the technology and the medical application. In the case of a precision medical diagnostic device, a fluorescence bio-marker is developed by chemists and used to identify the target gene sequence, an bio-optical sensor is developed by IC designers and used for detecting the fluorescence light generate by the bio-market, a microfluidic chip is designed by fluidic experts for mixing the sample and reagents, and an analytical software is developed for generating final results for diagnosis by medical doctors. In this talk, we will walk through the technologies involved in a precision medical diagnostic device.

Speaker :

Yuping Chung

SVP & Cofounder

Anitoa Systems, LLC

Menlo Park, CA


Mr. Yuping Chung is the co-founder and SVP of Anitoa Systems LLC, a 6-year medical device and bio-sensor startup. Prior to Anitoa, Yuping served as General Manager and BU Director at Faraday Technology, Microchip, Macronix, Renesas, IDT, and others. Yuping also serves as advisor for startups in medical devices, datacenter persistent memory technologies, and industrial robotics. As a volunteer, Yuping is also served as Chairman and President of CASPA (Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association) in 2014 and now serves as a member of Board of Advisors.

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