Energy Storage III - From Battery to AI Powered Energy Storage

Time: 9/15 (Sat) 12:00PM - 16:00PM

Venue: 250 West Tasman Dr, San Jose, CA 95134

Registration: (Lunch Included)

Abstract: This is the third of a series seminar on Energy Storage. In the first two seminars, we invited, CA state energy policy makers, investors, successful entrepreneurs, industrial company directors to talk about the policy, technology, applications, and business model. In this seminar, two speakers will review the latest battery technologies of Lithium Battery and Flow Battery respectively, and the third speaker will talk about an interesting application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on energy storage, and how AI powered energy storage can help to reduce energy bill.
Energy storage is considered as an emerging technique which can help to solve some challenges which renewable energy brings to the power grid. It becomes a very hot topic for government policy makers, investors, researchers and scientists, utility companies, and many industrial companies. In California, in response to RPS mandates for increased renewable penetration, Assembly Bill 2514, in conjunction with CPUC rulings, has called for 1.3 GW of flexible energy storage to be incorporated into the energy mix by the three California IOUs during the next few years.


Linh Tran, Director of Sales for Residential Energy Storage Markets in North America, LG Chem

Linh Tran is the Director of Sales for Residential energy storage markets in North America.  Linh's professional background includes R&D engineering for US homeland security, utility demand response programs and software analytic sales. She has earned her MBA from California State Univ., East Bay.  Linh is responsible for the successful deployment LG Chem’s first home battery in North America, called RESU.

Britt Shaw, Sr. Manager, Business Development, Primus

Britt Shaw is Senior Manager of Business Development at Primus Power, a California-based original equipment manufacturer of long-life, long-duration and low-cost flow batteries. In her role, she is responsible for business development activities related to grid-scale storage use cases, utility solicitation proposals, commercial and industrial solar plus storage projects, as well as research on EnergyPod sustainability and end of life management. Prior to her work at Primus, Britt coordinated USAID-funded geothermal energy technical assistance programs in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania as a program coordinator for the U.S. Energy Association. Ms. Shaw holds a master’s degree (MSc) in Energy and Resources from UC Berkeley and a Bachelors (BS) in Science, Technology and International Affairs from Georgetown University.

Cecilia Zhou, Director, Grid Service Program, STEM

Cecilia Zhou leads the Grid Services and Utility Programs team that oversees the operational strategy and execution of utility and partnership programs. She has over 10 years of experience in the electricity industry, having started her career in wholesale electricity and transmission trading at Edison Mission Marketing and Trading. Prior to Stem, she managed Demand Response programs at utilities in the Southeast, Southwest, California, and New England at EnerNOC. Cecilia immigrated from China in high school and is the first in her family to go to college, earning a B.A. in economics from Wellesley College.


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