AI and Robot

Time: 6/6/2018 6:30PM-9:00PM


ITRI International Inc.

2870 Zanker Rd. Suite 140, · San Jose, CA


Topic I: Status of AI Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting hot in many fields such as engineering and investment. IBM has been researching, developing and investing in AI technology for more than 50 years. The public became aware of a major advance in 2011, when IBM Watson won the historic Jeopardy! Exhibition on prime time television. Since that time, the company has advanced and scaled the Watson platform, and applied it to various industries, including healthcare, finance, commerce, education, security, and the Internet of Things. IBM has been deeply committed to this technology, and believe strongly in its potential to benefit society, as well as transform our personal and professional lives.
In this talk, IBM’s vision on AI and Cognitive Computing, along with the cognitive system of IBM Watson, will be introduced and discussed, as well as IBM’s responses to the White House Query about future AI policies.
. AI history and contents
. IBM Actions AI development
. Future trends
Speaker: LING Zong, Ph.D., Senior Software Engineer / Scientist in IBM Almaden Research Center located in San Francisco Bay Area (the Silicon Valley) of Northern California, USA.
Dr. Ling has been working for IBM over 20 years, with primary focus on performance evaluation of data storage products. Dr. Ling engages in customer services through troubleshooting data storage configurations, providing technical training classes, and publishing IBM whitepapers. Dr. Ling's current interests are in the areas of Cognitive Business and AI Applications, FinTech/Blockchain Deployment, Big Data Storage and Analytics, Cloud Computing Architecture, Service Science, Internet of Things, and Information Technology Service Management.
Dr. Ling, an IBM University ambassador specializes in information technology engineering and services of many years, has been providing academic lectures locally at Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley, University of San Francisco, and San Jose State University, as well as teaching credited courses globally in more than 30 top universities in China. Dr. Ling has also hosted numerous seminars/lectures, advocating IBM corporate culture and innovative management system, for onsite-visiting MBA/EMBA audience. In recognition of his contributions to the global community, Dr. Ling has been a recipient of United States President's Volunteer Service Award each year for the past 10 years.

Topic II: Visual Positioning System (VPS) and its Applications in Robots, Autonomous Cars, and VR/AR

MYNT AI (Slightech) is a solution provider of Visual Positioning System (VPS). It was founded by serial entrepreneur, computer vision scientist, Stanford alumni Dr. Leo Pang in Silicon Valley in 2014, and also has teams in Beijing and Wuxi. MYNT has developed its depth camera: MYNTeye™ stereo camera with IMU, and the corresponding VSLAM solutions, and applied it to applications in service robots, cleaning robots, security robots, autonomous cars, and ADAS. In this talk Dr. Pang will present MYNT’s VPS technologies and products, and showcase its market and applications.

Speaker: Dr. Linyong (Leo) Pang is the founder and CEO of Slightech (Brand MYNT), a Silicon Valley / China startup focusing on Virtual Positioning System (VPS) technologies and applications for robot, autonomous car, and VR/AR. Dr. Pang has 14 years entrepreneur and executive management experience in Silicon Valley and China: he was the founder and co-founder of 4 companies, involved one IPO on NASDAQ and three acquisitions. He led the last company from the startup all the way to the final acquisition. Dr. Pang held 31 patents, 25 more pending, and is an author of 65 publications. He is a committee member of SPIE conference and symposium chair of CSTIC.

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