9/2 web seminar: How to learn

As of all of us know, we have all been told to 'learn' but no one has ever thought us on 'HOW to LEARN'? With my more than 17 years of experience in learning and development and deep expertise in the neuroscience of learning, I also conduct workshops on scientific approaches to  learning and how to unlock the genius inside all of us. Hance the name of the organization - Genius Unlocked :)!  I have applied my education, professional certifications, and experience while working with various Fortune 100 and 500 organization to create a learning offering to Unlock the Genius by learning the science behind learning. 


This saturday, I am doing a open webinar - Learn HOW to study smarter and leave competition far behind and WHY it's a secret only few know? 


Registration Link: https://events.genndi.com/register/169105139238462965/0c873b76b1 


I would love to have all of you, your family members, and friends on this free webinar. Post this webinar, I would roll-out a very experiential and scientifically based training curriculum of 6 weeks where I would conduct 4 90 minute session on How to Study Smarter and Not Harder. This would also be 100% FREE. 


This is a very powerful session which I have facilitated number of times in the past. Some of the results are:

  • Understand how YOU would learn best
  • Noticeable reduced stress levels of students
  • Improvement in marks by more than 400% 
  • Ability to memorize numbers, facts, or concepts instantly
  • Ability to retain & maintain your memories forever
  • Ability to create marked differentiated performance in the eyes of teachers & peers
  • Dramatic increase in the self and goals one can achieve

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