Clean Technology Seminar on `New Emerging Products’

Welcome you all to our upcoming November 17, 2015 Clean Technology Seminar on `New Emerging Products’:      
Date: Nov 17, 2015 (Tuesday) 7:00 - 9:00 pm (Registration starts at 6:30pm)
Venue: ITRI Int’l, 2870 Zanker Rd., Suite #140, San Jose, CA
We will have two interesting presentation talks on two new upcoming products. The first talk will introduce a new mobile device called Runcible from Monohm, Inc. The second presentation will describe the heart of a connected home, the ICON Home Panel from Smartech,Inc.
Come and learn about these interesting products and enjoy a great evening!
CleanTech Group of CIE/USA-SF (formerly CARES)                              
Talk Title: What does it take to create a SUSTAINABLE mobile device today?
Aubrey Anderson CEO Monohm, and Prof. Alexander Gershenson, SJSU
Abstract: Planned obsolescence has been the dominant force in product design for close to a century. Recently, this trend has intensified, with devices being declared obsolete even before they are no longer functional. This has driven the technology industry to become one of the fastest growing waste generators in the United States and the world. While other industries are working to reduce waste and recycle products, the mobile device industry is moving toward fewer replaceable parts and a disposable device business model.  
What does it take to create a mobile device today?  Given frequently opaque supply chains, commercial manufacturer's constraints and global shipping targets, can it even be done?  One company is trying. Monohm is building a device called Runcible which is designed to be long-lasting, user-reparable, and sustainable manufactured.  We will talk a little about how we're doing that and the tools that help us get there.
Speaker Bios:
Aubrey Anderson- CEO, Monohm, Inc. Founder and President, Bunny and Boar Past: Founder, Particle Programmatica, CTO, The Barbarian Group.
Aubrey specializes in creative misuse of current technologies and the invention of new ones. He is a passionate believer in and advocate for the free and open web. Aubrey is the founder of several successful companies and has been at the forefront of technological innovation in internet technology for the last 15 years. Frequent speaker at technology conferences such as Google IO, Aubrey currently focuses on creating heirloom devices that go against the grain of planned obsolescence.
Alexander Gershenson- Assistant Professor of Environmental studies, SJSU. Founder and CEO, SupplyShift. Co-founder, EcoShift Consulting. 
Alex's passion is environmental sustainability at multiple societal and business levels. After completing his PhD in Environmental Studies, Alex has taught at SJSU, as well as put his academic work into practice in his consulting firm, as well as a tech startup aimed at creating more transparent and responsible supply chains. Alex's focus in both academic and professional life is to ensure that the products and services on the market do not harm the planet, and advance well being for people everywhere.
Topic Title:  Smart Home Evolution Landscape and Startup Opportunities
Abstract: In this mobile Internet era, it seems that everything is going mobile. Many startup opportunities created around mobile, from Square, Uber, Airbnb…. Google and Tesla are working on connected car the largest mobile equipment. But people still spend more than half of their time at home, more than any other places. Improving people’s life should start from home.
Since Nest introduced its first learning thermostat saving energy, many startups are working on getting home connected, from smart lighting, security camera, smart door lock, sprinkler timer, window blind…but adoption rate is low. Unlike smartphone’s standard 2-year upgrade cycle, home is not a mobile device, and there are many legacy issues that new products need to deal with or compatible with, home upgrade cycle is much longer. Therefore smart home will more like an evolution rather than revolution.
What’s current smart home evolution landscape, and where to find product niche?
Kevin Gao, Founder of ICON Smartech, a startup in connected home space, will share his view, his project and current progress.
Speaker Bio: Kevin Gao is the founder of ICON Smartech, developing connected ICON Home product. He is active startup entrepreneurship member in Silicon Valley community in semiconductor, solar energy, smart home and IoT space. He worked as senior R&D engineer at Lam Research, and Rockwell, as sales manager at Foxsemicon Integrated Tech, a Foxconn Company. He was VP of CA Solar developing solar projects and technology. Currently he serves as Director @Smart City Alliance of China, a leading none profit organization in China promoting smart city and IoT technology deployment. Kevin holds MSME @Univ. of Cincinnati, and holds 4 patents.

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