Design Driven Innovations: Introduction to Design Thinking

Have you heard about Design Thinking? Do you know that top-tier business schools such as Stanford and Harvard are offering Design Thinking classes? Join us on Aug 16th to find out why Design Thinking has become such a trendy topic. Stanford University Design Thinker and the former Director of SAP's Design and Co-Innovation Center, Tina Tuan will share her knowledge and actual projects involving Design Thinking to demonstrate how “good thinking” can bring “good business.”

This event is hosted by CIE-SF ( and co-organized by NTUAA (National Taiwan University Alumni Association) of Northern California ( It’s a free event. Please register at or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

您聽過史丹佛和哈佛商學院的熱門課程「設計思考」Design Thinking 嗎?設計思考是一種「創新」的思維模式,成功結合人們的需求、科技的發展,與有效的商業模式。講者段岱佳是史丹佛出身的 Design Thinker、SAP (2016富士比排行世界第三大軟體公司) 矽谷設計創新中心總監,曾帶領團隊為全球多家知名企業推動創新專案。設計思考已廣泛並成功地應用在各領域,8/16 (四)晚上,段岱佳將以包含科技、工程、醫療等創新領域的應用實例分享「好設計就是好生意」! 熱愛創新熱愛思考的朋友們千萬不要錯過。

本活動由中國工程師學會 ( 主辦,北加州台灣大學校友會(協辦。活動不收費,請先上網註冊,連結如下 或email至This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Abstract: Good design is good business. Design thinking is a creative methodology that brings together: technology, business, and human desirability. Design thinking is behind many successful innovations, from consumer products to organizational transformations.  In this talk, Tina will give an introduction to design thinking, and share her real-world experiences in leading innovation projects in the global enterprise to create design-driven innovations.

Time:  08/16/2018  6:30 PM (Thurs)

Venue: ITRI International, 2870 Zanker Rd., Suite 140 (free parking) San Jose, CA 95134

Speaker: Tina Tuan, Co-Founder, Design Thinking Foundry

Bio: Tina is a Stanford-trained engineer, design thinker, and educator. She has served leadership positions in product management and design management, at prominent Silicon Valley tech companies. On her role as the Director of SAP's Design and Co-Innovation Center, she led a global team using design thinking to drive innovations at 500 global enterprises. Tina and her team have received international acclaims, including Red Dot Awards, Interaction Awards, UX Awards, and several design patents. In 2017, Tina co-founded Design Thinking Foundry, focusing on innovation consulting and design thinking training. With offices in Silicon Valley and Greater China, Tina works with global clients to reimagine their digital transformation journey through the power of design thinking.

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