12/5 Tall Tales and Reality of Brain Tech, and What Can an Engineer Do Today to Exploit this Burgeoning Field?

Time: Tuesday, Dec 5, 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Venue: ITRI International - 2870 Zanker Rd., Suite #140, San Jose, CA 95134
Registration: https://ciesf2017bio.eventbrite.com


Caption: Mark Zuckerberg wants to read your mind, while Elon Musk wants to merge his brain with AI.  These bold initiatives brought attention to the brain tech industry like never before.  In this talk, I will give you an overview of the state of the art in brain technology.  Why are Mark and Elon's ambition moon-shots?  While waiting for these revolutions to happen, what can you do already with the existing brain technologies?  I will show you examples of some interesting brain-machine interface applications using today's technology, and demonstrate to you the NeuroSky tools you can use to develop your own brain-machine applications.



Speaker: Jake Chuang

Chief Product Officer of NeuroSky, Inc.

As Chief Product Officer of NeuroSky, Inc., Jake Chuang runs the science and engineering research and development functions at the biosensor company, and the global leader in mass market Brain-Computer Interface technology. NeuroSky has developed a revolutionary non-invasive neural communication sensor that converts brainwaves and other bio-signals into digital electronic signals. This technology can control electronic devices, enable machines to adapt to people, and further enhance education and research on creative applications powered by the brain. NeuroSky has forged successful partnerships with a broad range of companies from Fortune 500 industry leaders to innovative independent developers. Furthermore, NeuroSky leverages collaboration with a number of top domestic and international academic institutions to move technology out of the lab and into the marketplace.
After receiving his MSEE and BSEE from the University of Texas at Austin, Jake set out to create innovative products that can change people's life.  He held progressively senior engineering and marketing positions in several IC companies and is proud to have worked on 7 different products that are named Product of the Year from prestigious organizations.  Jake's current interest is to create products that can aid students to learn and excel in their life.

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